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A Freight Train of Runaway Spending

I could raise the scary specter of a coalition in Ontario, instead I will settle for the fact that this gives us even more reason to soundly defeat the Liberals.

From National Post

the prospect of Ms. Horwath’s NDP holding the balance of power in a minority government is one that should not be taken lightly by the province’s voters. The NDP, its platform says, would undo the corporate-tax reductions that have been the focus of the Liberals’ competitiveness agenda. It would embrace Buy Ontario schemes. It would remove the HST from electricity and heating bills, which is not terribly consistent with its plan to encourage public transit use by freezing fares. (Speaking of inconsistent, it would also cap gasoline prices.)
As detrimental to the economy as any of these things would be, consider as well the prospect of Mr. McGuinty being at the negotiating table when the NDP outlined its conditions for support. The Premier, to put it bluntly, is a turtler. Whether it’s proposals for a natural gas plant in Oakville, changes to the sexual education curriculum, or the province’s remarkably supple rates and times that form part of its peak-timing electricity-price plan, Mr. McGuinty has shown a distinct flair for backing away from a fight.
It’s enough to make one suspect Ms. Horwath would relish sitting across from Mr. McGuinty at minority-government bargaining time. Accept these terms, sir, or I will ask again that you do so.

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