Dalton, Not So Popular With Liberals

Even diehard liberals think that Dalton and his policies are liabilities.

From CTV

“I have polling numbers that are not the party’s, but are separate polling places,” said Morgan Rosenberg. “Basically, McGuinty’s popularity in this riding is in the gutter, that the impression of McGuinty is not positive and people that associate with him tend to not do well in the polls.”
Rosenberg also said some of the party’s recent immigration announcements wouldn’t go over well in the riding and she was in talks to remove them from local campaign flyers.
“They’re trying to put things on there that will not fly in this riding,” Rosenberg said. “I don’t think that the tax cut for new immigrants is the best thing to put on the flyer for us. I think we should talk more about education, full-day kindergarten and the house calls for doctors and stuff