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Imagine Turbines Over Tuscany

From Owen Sound Sun Times

If you haven’t seen them take a drive south to Lake Erie along historic Highway 3 between Blenheim and Leamington. On a windy day, “The sound is like a freight train,” says Dave Benson, Heritage Coordinator for the Municipality of Chatham and Kent. “A modest house is worth 30 per cent less and a million-dollar property is unsaleable.” Are they ugly? You bet. Texan billionaire T. Boone Pickins, a heavy investor in wind power, has said he won’t put any turbines on his 68,000 acres. On a gorgeous fall day the rolling hills of golden fields east of Lake Huron rival Tuscany. Imagine turbines over Tuscany.
Yet, McGuinty talks proudly in television election ads of 900 turbines installed so far. However, with the exception of one Lake Ontario project, the power’s not going anywhere. Wind farms along Lakes Huron and Erie are not, as yet, on the grid. While this is talked about locally, few Ontarians are aware that the turbines are mainly just gigantic lawn ornaments.

There is obviously a groundswell of grassroots support against the green energy act in wind farms. However,  the Ontario Liberals proceed with a program that is perceived by some to be antidemocratic. Further fostering a sense that the government of Ontario, Only cares about issues in Toronto. Talk about the politics of division.

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