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Liberal Minister Admits Plans for Carbon Tax

Ontario’s energy minister Dave Levac has some explaining to do.

Question: Glen Murray, Eric Davis and several other Liberal candidates have advocated for a carbon tax – given the success of the carbon tax in BC, is this something you will also advocate for if re-elected?
Dave Levac: It’s being reviewed and some of my colleagues are more enthusiastic for it than others. Our present policies are leading us to a carbonfootprint reduction already. At this time its not part of our platform.
Question: Just to clarify, if a carbon tax is being reviewed does that mean there’s a possibility it would appear in the next 4 years if the Liberals were re¬ elected? It seems like a really progressive policy to help supplement the Green Energy Act.
Dave Levac: Jim: Yes there is a possibility that a carbon tax is on the table to evaluate, because it presently is.

McGuinty, who initially opposed a carbon tax, said Liberal Leader Stephane Dion’s “green shift” plan is still a good idea, even though it could slap a hefty bill on emissions from Ontario’s four coal-fired generation plants.”

Premier Dalton McGuinty

Either the minister is out of line or  Dalton has not abandoned  the idea of a  carbon tax in Ontario.

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