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Ontario PCs Bounce Back

The Ontario PCs have reclaimed a nine point among decided voters .

From Ottawa Sun

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals by nine points, according to a poll of decided voters.
The Abacus Data poll found that the PCs have the support of 41% of decided Ontario voters followed by the Liberals at 32% and the NDP at 20%.
While the PCs had the largest group of supporters, a check of undecided voters showed they had the lowest room for growth.
The Liberals — who had the second largest number of committed voters — and the NDP had the greatest potential to garner support from undecided voters, according to the poll.

As polls start flying fast and furious in this campaign It becomes more important to keep an eye on the overall trends of the numbers. Indeed this is a good sign that the Ontario PCs have energized a voting base. On the other hand  we must not get complacent. We still need to hammer home the conservative message until voting day.

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