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Decision Time for Drummond Report

Megan Harris’s column  in today’s Toronto Sun is spot on here is a taste of the closing paragraph . Although the whole article is well worth a read.

Now, McGuinty and the Liberals are exactly where they neither wanted nor expected to be — holding the bag when tough decisions have to be made. Once again, it looks like they intend to pivot and punt the tough decisions into the future while Ontario’s debt continues to grow.

Now that the inconvenient truth is out about the true state of Ontario’s economy, all parties, especially the Liberals, can no longer hide from the facts.

Drummond’s report is a real indictment of the last eight years of the McGuinty government.

We know the NDP is not capable of putting Ontario’s economy back on track. So, its time for Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs to outline their strategy for restoring Ontario’s finances, economy and future.

The premier needs to face up to reality and show leadership.  If he isn’t up for the job, then we need to elect someone who is.

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