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It’s Time To Promote Conservative Ideas

There is definitely a buoyant feeling in the air;  if not online coming out of last week’s Ontario PC AGM. There has been an overwhelmingly positive reception from most party members to Tim Hudak’s keynote address on Saturday afternoon. Confirming his commitment to craft a Conservative alternative for Ontario.

“This is our voice. It’s a voice of hope, for those who’ve lost hope. A voice of optimism for those who could use some right now. A voice that says it’s time for conservatives to lead again!”- Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak,

 Moreover, Hudak’s speech was a starting point for the grassroots to flesh out and frame a core set of Conservative ideas that will shape the party’s identity going into the future. This is not a moot point.  It is integral for the provincial Tories to develop a set of core principles not unlike our federal cousins. To this end the Ontario PCs have set up a tab on their website and want to hear from as many individuals as possible to help  shape a robust and unique identity in the days ahead. 

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