Good First Step Towards privatization

 OTTAWA – The Canadian Centre for Policy Studies welcomed the 10 per cent reduction in taxpayer subsidies to the CBC announced in yesterday’s federal budget.“Last October we called for the privatization of the CBC,” said David Krayden, executive director of the CCPS. “The CBC is a world class broadcaster, fully capable of competing in the private sector. The more than $1 billion in government funding the CBC receives annually is a misuse of tax dollars since virtually every service it provides can be, or is being, provided by private broadcasters in Canada. What’s more, this subsidy gives the CBC an unfair advantage over other broadcasters who must compete with it for advertising revenue.”
“By reducing the size of the subsidy it receives every year from taxpayers, today’s announcement represents an important first step toward the CBC’s inevitable privatization.”

Here’s my more in-depth article on CBC privatization. As well we have to encourage the conservative government in Ottawa to continue taking a tough stance on public broadcasting  and make sure that taxpayers are getting value for their money.

H./T. Steven Taylor and Hatrocks Cave 

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