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Kitchen Table Approach to Government

Recently Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak has been crisscrossing the province  hosting a series of round tables with business and community leaders. These gatherings serve a couple of purposes first these are great opportunities to connect with individuals who are most impacted by the liberal government’s lack of a long-term fiscal plan. Secondly and more importantly Tim Hudak is beginning to methodically lay out his  vision for the province of Ontario. Now one of Hudak’s priorities as opposition leader is not to just oppose but bring forward thoughtful ideas. In addition the Ontario PC party has been consistent with their proposals since the  budget was first introduced.

  •     Controlling spending, reining in deficits and paying down debt;
  •     Reducing costs for businesses through lower taxes and affordable energy;
  •     Creating 200,000 new skilled trades jobs by fixing the apprenticeship system;
  •     Changing the attitude of government: Competing US states meet with companies to ask what can be done to attract their jobs, plants and investment. In Ontario, they are shown into a roomful of bureaucrats and told all the things they can’t do.

Like many Ontarians across this province the government should be able to live within its means.

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