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Liberals Ignore Ontario PC Proposals

The Ontario Liberals are doing some old-fashioned political posturing at Queen’s Park. Sunday night finance Minister Dwight Duncanreleased a statement that the Tories were going to force an election on the people of Ontario  .  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Finance critic for the Ontario PCs Peter Sherman released a statement laying out in detail how Premier Dalton McGuinty has ignored many of Tim Hudak’s proposals.

A November face-to-face meeting between Tim Hudak and the Premier, laying out several Ontario PC proposals for jobs and our economy

·         A full week of tour and Queen’s Park activities to discuss Hudak’s plan to create 200,000 new skilled trades jobs by reforming the apprenticeship system

·         A week spent detailing the Ontario PC plan for a mandatory public sector wage freeze

·         The rollout of Hudak’s proposal to enable private sector and not-for-profit competition with public sector unions for the delivery of government services

·         A week of briefings on fixing Ontario’s broken public sector salary arbitration system, which awards settlements without regard to taxpayers’ or municipalities’ ability to pay

·         A week of speeches and media events on the need to treat energy policy as a cornerstone of economic growth

·         Province-wide meetings with businesspeople to make the case for lower business taxes

·         A series of major daily newspaper op-eds on the Ontario PC Planfor reducing the size and cost of government and growing our economy, and

·         A series of daily pre-budget statements by Tim Hudak and Ontario PC Caucus members on measures the budget

Now, who is really playing politics with the public good?

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