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Tim Hudak Proposes a New Path for Ontario

Since before the budget was passed the Ontario PC caucus has been focused on tackling the provinces ballooning debt crisis and proposing ways to get Ontarians back to work. I liked how Tim Hudak strikes an optimistic tone at the end of his speech on Tuesday.   Anyone interested in the direction of the provincial Conservatives should watch this .

From the speech

So tonight, my message to you is this: There’s a real belief out there that Ontario can come back – if only we could burst through the deadening inertia that today hangs over Queen’s Park like a fog.

By taking a new path.

I see that Ontario out there, through the mist. An Ontario of unbounded promise and confidence. Where success is a badge of honour, not a dirty word. Where hard work and innovation are rewarded, not regulated, taxed and punished by a government that looks to business planners – not central planners. One that treats energy policy as an economic fundamental – not a plaything for social engineers.

A government that works for its citizens. Not the other way around.

And where a free and prosperous people are urged not to lower their sights, but to aim for new heights.

This is the Ontario that was meant to be.

I say to you that it’s not just within our reach.

It’s on its way.

Thank you.

Tim Hudak on CKTB about West Lincoln Memorial hospital


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