Canadian history

“Lest we forget.” #DDAY

“On June 6, 1944, Canadian troops stormed Juno Beach in Normandy, France, as part of the Allied assault to break the grip of Nazi Germany on Western Europe and to restore peace, democracy and justice.

“During D-Day, Canadian soldiers bravely fought and overcame fierce enemy opposition to advance deeper inland than any other Allied force.

“Canada’s triumph came with great sacrifice—of the more than 90,000 Canadians who served in the Battle of Normandy, more than 5,000 gave their lives.

“Today, we remember the courageous Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice and the countless others who came home wounded in body and in spirit. The freedom and opportunities of today would not be possible if not for their brave service to this country. We will forever remember the men and women who served and those who continue to serve for our freedom.


“Lest we forget.”


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