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OL: waste millions of Dollars Promoting Themselves

What a surprise.

From: national post

“I kept bringing this up. I kept making it clear that we were moving ahead (with the ORPP), and I kept making it clear that we all knew that there was a national problem,” she said at the time.
A couple of months later, with Ontario’s pension plan formally in the ground and the province $70 million in the hole, Wynne’s government has again decided to tout its influence by taking to the airwaves to remind Ontarians of the good work it did on the file. A radio ad paid for by the province notes that “Ontario has been working to help close the retirement savings gap” and tells listeners that “the improved CPP would help close the gap and strengthen retirement security for working Canadians.”
Ontario auditor general Bonnie Lysyk has called the ads more “self-congratulatory” than informative and said she likely wouldn’t have approved

In addition, another poll released today has the Ontario Tories at an advantage.

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