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Ontario PCs two-step voting process and leadership debate

From the statement

Statement from Ontario PC Party President Jag Badwal and Chair of the Leadership Election Organization Committee Hartley Lefton:

“This election will be the most inclusive and open in the history of the Ontario PC Party. Party members from every region of Ontario will be able to elect our next leader and the future Premier of Ontario.

“Our secure, online, two-stage verification process is a major step forward in selecting a new leader to unite the Ontario PCs and prepare for the 2018 election. Just like you show ID to vote in person, you will show ID to vote online. This process will allow for greater engagement of our members in voting and selecting our new leader.”

Key Dates:

February 15th – Leadership Debate
February 16th – Membership cut-off
February 20th (approximately) – Unique verification number mailed to Ontario PC members
March 2nd – March 8th – Voting period
March 10th – Leadership Convention

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