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Ambrose Highlighted For Hard Work


It’s been just a year since the federal election shuffled the composition of the House of Commons dramatically. But Ambrose points to concrete, incremental victories for her party in areas such as pipeline approvals, pushback on a job tax in the high-tech sector and the Tories’ insistence on a referendum on electoral reform—an esoteric topic, she admits, but a crucial one to Canadian democracy—as signs they’re getting the job done. “The Opposition has an incredibly important role to play, and the government has an equally important role to play,” she says. “If we both do those jobs well, we have a functioning democracy.”

Canadian politics Conservative politics

Thank you Stephen Harper

Friday Stephen Harper formally resigned as a member of Parliament .

From: Bloomberg

“We united all Conservatives behind our agenda,” including tax cuts, a balanced budget and tougher criminal sentencing laws, Harper said in a written statement Friday confirming his departure. “Friends, we did a lot together but I know the best is yet to come. Our country must continue to serve as a model of prosperity and freedom.”
Trudeau’s party won a
the majority of districts last year with 39.5 percent of the vote, while Harper’s Conservatives secured 31.9 percent. Harper won his own electoral district and has stayed on as a Member of Parliament since….

He was first elected as a lawmaker in 1993, briefly then leaving politics before returning to seek and win the leadership of the Canadian Alliance party that — frustrated by multi-candidate races that divided the vote and delivered commanding majorities to the Liberal Party — later merged with the Progressive Conservatives under the unified Conservative banner. He became prime minister in 2006, winning his only majority in 2011.
On the world stage, Harper was an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former British Prime Minister David Cameron in advocating for global austerity. As Prime Minister, he was an avowed supporter of Ukraine and a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.