Scheer to expand eligibility criteria to access Disability Tax Credit

A new Conservative government will introduce the Fairness for Persons with Disabilities Act, allowing 35,000 more Canadians to qualify and apply for the Disability Tax Credit, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced today.
This new Act will reduce the number of hours spent per week on life-sustaining therapy needed to qualify for the credit from 14 to 10. It will also expand the definition of what counts as life-sustaining therapy to include determining dosages of medical food and activities related to determining dosages of medication, including dietary or exercise regimes. This would allow 35,000 more Canadians with disabilities the potential to access savings of an average of $2,100 a year.
“A new Conservative government will support Canadians with disabilities in ways that leave more money in their pockets to help them manage their health needs,” Scheer said. “We will make sure that Canadians with a disability can care for themselves and parents of children with disabilities can support their children without worrying about their bottom line.”

Andrew Scheer is right. It’s time to end corporate welfare in Canada

From: Financial Post

Last week, before any Canadian was debating dubious prime ministerial dress-ups, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer came out with a pledge to eliminate $1.5 billion in federal corporate welfare spending.
It’s only scratching the surface: by some estimates total annual federal subsidies to business are in the range of $14 billion. But it’s also nothing to sneeze at: $1.5 billion represents the tax bills of 100,000 average-income Canadian households.
But even as a tentative first step, Scheer’s proposal represents a clear break from the comfortable status quo consensus about corporate welfare in Canada. For starters, it’s hard to think of a major party leader openly using the term “corporate welfare” in recent years .