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Ignatieff on the wrong side of history

politicians can be often procedurally right but always will lose the political tug-of-war over public opinion. Perception is reality in politics and it is more important in politics than in any other arena in life.

Sorry, Iggy. You’re not PM material

he problem for Michael Ignatieff is that if he triggers an election, he runs the risk that the election might not be about any of those things. Elections seldom end up being about the issues that brought them about in the first place. The election may well end up being about whether Iggy has the royal jelly to be the prime minister or if he is just toast with no jam.

n that case, de Montfort made the same mistake that Iggy might yet make. De Montfort thought it was enough to be on the right side of a particular issue. It turns out that what mattered just as much is who is the most capable general in the great struggle for power.

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