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Job Creation Would be Priority for Hudak Government in Northern Ontario

Last Friday Tim Hudak and finance critic Norm Miller visited Northern Ontario laying out their alternate vision for the North. A Hudak government would repeal theFar North Act. unfortunately the passage of this act would be a step back in time for the North for the sake of agendas emanating from Queens Park.
Another example of the downtown Toronto limousine liberals trying to impose their progressive protectorate and disregarding local concerns. In fact  has been on record as having no reservations for going against the wishes of local communities. “Municipalities will no longer be able to reject wind turbines, solar panels, or bio-fuel plants because they don’t like them. We can’t allow interests to oppose these simply because they don’t like them.”
On the other hand a Hudak government would restore respect for local governments and decision-makers at all levels.

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