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Mainstream media’s Cloak and Dagger Campaign Against Rob Ford

first journalist then wiki leaks now we have a story that combines both intriguing elements of media misuse and espionage. The conservative blogosphere has been lit up like a Roman candle over accusations of alterations to Toronto mayoral front runner Rob Ford’s Wikipedia page.

Now the company that owns the Toronto Star avowed no knowledge or improper wrongdoing. However the IP addresses come from  entities that are part of the Toronto Star family. Either way it seems that a backbencher or zealous patron has taken it upon themselves to engage in some extra curricular activities.

Source national Post

“The Toronto Star owns a couple of these IP portals and they come under Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd, which is a broader thing. The Toronto Star itself has a separate portal,” said Mr. Hepburn. Toronto Star Newspaper Ltd. owns a number of media properties, including Eye Weekly, Sing Tao, Canadian Immigrant and Real Estate News.
“We’re trying to track it down to which computer it came from, which may be impossible to do,” said Mr. Hepburn.

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