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One Student Stands Up Against The Insanity Of The McGuinty Protectionista’s

In a free society not overrun by Protectionista’s,  it should only take one voice to stand up against the nonsense of the Ontario government nanny state. The latest driving regulation has upset many youths in the province because it is a clear form of ageism that violates their constitutional right. University student Kevin Wiener has decided to take the new regulation to court.

It’s too bad the Ontario Liberals are more concerned about penalizing our youth instead of solving  the bread and butter issues that concern Ontarians everyday. Time will tell if one voice in the wilderness standing up for his rights can still make a difference in an Ontario plagued by Protectionista’s.
While it’s true that all young drivers are inexperienced, not all inexperienced drivers are young,” he said.

Wiener says this is a form of age discrimination and it’s unconstitutional. If people are old enough to fly jets in the military, serve jury duty and vote, they are old enough to make sensible decisions about drinking and driving, he says. He plans to file his challenge to the new law on Wednesday.

“Adults are adults,” he said. “And [Premier] Dalton McGuinty is trying to treat people who are 21 years old like they’re children, and they’re not.”


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