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McGuinty’s Walk in the Snow

A choice that all leaders have to make to face the music or get out of the way.

Source Windsor Star
The list of Canadian premiers and prime ministers hounded out of office by their own side is almost as long as the list of departed party leaders.

So expect McGuinty to take a “long walk in the snow,” to quote a famous line of Pierre Trudeau’s.

Despite all the hagiography written about the late Liberal deity this week, bad polls forced the great Trudeau to reconsider his future and step down in 1984.

It was either that or face the enormous humiliation of being dumped during a Liberal leadership convention.

The party had already decided he had become a serious impediment on their return to power and wanted him out.

Unless the HST suddenly disappears or hydro bills suddenly shrink — two big, black “Fs” that will never disappear from McGuinty’s report card — the premier will almost certainly have to tender his resignation some time in 2011, no doubt to spend more time with his family.
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