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San Francisco’s Unhappy Meals



As some of you might recall I covered the issue of San Francisco banning toys from happy meals. Click here

San Francisco is the latest city to fall under the Rasputin like spell of the food police. In a recent motion the San Francisco board of supervisors wants to pass a bylaw that would ban the sale of toys in happy meals. Effectively targeting McDonald’s and many other fast food restaurants. The unintended consequence of targeting McDonald’s though would mean that many small restaurants would be squeezed even more and perhaps go out of business.

As well this gives rise to the culture of Protectionista’s who rather cut off their nose to spite their face than see the big picture of the interconnectedness between the economy and public policy. This move also seems eerily similar to Toronto city Council passing a motion of declaring themselves a nuclear free zone. You know  “nannys ” are on the scene when you have protectorate politicians in charge of our political discourse.

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