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No-iPod- Tax Please

From don’t touch my junk to now don’t tax my iPod. As part of the iPod generation I can say that digital music is a fact of life and no longer a neat little innovation. Also the iTunes store reached the10 billion downloads mark on February 24th of this year with that in mind it is safe to say this technology isn’t going away anytime soon.

That’s why the announcement by industry Minister Clement yesterday was welcomed to news to my earbuds. It’s good to see the government targeting the pirates who ride every new emerging digital wave and not the average consumer who could be unknowingly caught in the crossfire of a bad tax.

From Globe and Mail

This bill … goes after the bad guys, the guys that are destroying value for commercial – for commercial ends or just because they get a kick out of doing so.”

Mr. Clement said some artists have figured out how to make money in an age where audio files can be freely traded – and urged others to follow their lead.

“Many creators have come up with ways to create a new revenue stream whether through the internet or by other means for their creation and that’s what I would encourage ours to do as well.”

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