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Conservatives in Majority Territory


A poll was just released today showing that the conservative party  has support from over 43% of the population. What I found telling in the article is the fact that the  Conservatives are gaining support in all key demographic groups.

This makes the likelihood of a spring election in my eyes more of a possibility. As well the stunning inability of Michael ignatieff to find any type of footing with the public should have staffers in the leader’s office scrambling.

From National Post

The new survey shows the Tories have a 16-point lead over the Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff. The Grits, who have been trying to stoke voter anger over the government’s performance, have the support of 27 per cent of voters, up by two points.

Jack Layton’s NDP appears to be in political decline as it makes demands to the government over what should be in the budget. The New Democrats would receive 13 per cent of the vote, down by five points.

Similarly, the Green party, led by Elizabeth May, is in trouble. It would receive five per cent of the vote, down by five points

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