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Dirty Tricks in Edmonton Strathcona


This is a touching account from a couple who were  victims of dirty tricks in Edmonton Strathcona.

From Edmonton Journal 

Rod is an artist. Anne runs her own small business. They’re in their mid 30s – no kids yet. They love living near the University of Alberta campus and Whyte Avenue, walking up to 82nd for dinner and shopping.

“We chose this neighbourhood for its diversity, and for being close to the university, where we can express our own opinions, whatever they are, without repercussions,” Rod says.

And in that spirit, they decided to get involved with this federal election – more involved that ever before. All around them, says Rod, they saw Linda Duncan signs popping up. But Rod isn’t an NDP supporter. He’s worried about the economy, and he thinks Stephen Harper and the Conservatives offer the most economic security.

And so, he called the campaign office for their candidate of choice – Ryan Hastman – and asked for sign, a big one.

The Hastman campaign delivered, with one of the big 6 ft by 4 ft placards.

 And all was well until the evening of April 20th. It was about 8:30 in the evening, and still daylight. Rod and Anne were just walking home from dinner on the avenue. They arrived home to find two young men trashing their sign.

“These two young fellows were just openly on our lawn, on our property, destroying our sign,” says Anne. “I was absolutely shocked.”

Anne and Rod says the two men were undeterred by the presence of witnesses.

They watched from the sidewalk as the vandals knocked the heavy sign over, and then proceeded to jump on it. This time, says Rod, they didn’t confront the sign-wreckers. They followed them at a discreet distance, called police on their cell phones, and they watched while police caught the vandals, gave them tickets, and let them go.
I guess ” open equality” only applies  when you vote NDP. Also a big thank you to  Ardvark for originally posting these photos.
“I’ve always been taught that the right to vote is something we should hold in high regard,” says Anne. “It’s a little bit disheartening that we can’t express our views on a basis of open equality. I always thought this neighbourhood was a place for intellectual discussion. But I am feeling a little bit insecure in our neighbourhood. We’re keeping to ourselves right now.”

I guess ” open equality” only applies  when you vote NDP.Also a big thank you to  Ardvark for originally posting these photos.

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