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The High Price of Clean Energy

This is a pocketbook issue that could hit the Ontario Liberals hard during this fall’s provincial election.

From Toronto Sun

First, we’re paying inflated prices for expensive and inefficient wind energy, one reason we’re facing an estimated 45% hike on our electricity bills over the next five years.

Second, because under the contracts the Liberal government signed with wind developers we have to use wind energy even if we don’t need it, consumers are also subsidizing the sale of cheap, surplus electricity to the U.S. and Quebec.

This electricity is so cheap the price often falls below zero-cents-per-kWh, meaning we literally have to pay other jurisdictions to take the surplus off our hands.

And yet as Ontario residential hydro customers, we can’t access this cheap electricity for ourselves.

In fact, this has already occurred more than two dozen times this year — usually for an hour or two at a time — costing Ontario electricity customers millions of dollars.

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