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Alberta’s Choice

By any  standard tomorrow’s Alberta provincial election has  the potential to be historic. In one of the final polls of the campaign Angus Reid shows the Wildrose  winning a momentous mandate.

From  Prince Arthur Herald

The rise of the Wildrose was made possible by the Tory drift. Formed by disenchanted provincial conservatives looking for an alternative, it enjoyed single digit support and won no seats until 2009, when it won a Calgary area by-election and chose former journalist and policy analyst Danielle Smith as its leader.  Since then it has risen to first place in the polls and seems likely to form at least a minority government after the election this Monday.

Danielle Smith represents a breath of fresh air for small c conservatives and libertarians. Though a libertarian on most social issues, Smith is a strong fiscal conservative and a defender of individual rights. She is the first provincial conservative leader in as long as anyone can remember who is both articulate and charismatic. If elected on Monday, she will be the first unapologetically right wing Canadian premier since Mike Harris left office a decade ago.

Tomorrow night should be interesting, now. It’s  up for the voters to decide. However, good luck to Danielle Smith .

Hat tip Blue Canada

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