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Don’t Allow this Election to Go Up in Smoke

On Thursday much of the media in  Ontario , was a buzz over the fact that Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak ” inhaled” in university.  Of course this is not a new revelation political leaders  from  Bill Clinton to Dalton McGuinty have admitted to using marijuana at least once in their youth.
This election will be decided on one issue and that is  who do Ontarians trust. In fact The Barrie Examiner discusses this very topic in a op-ed today.

From The Barrie Examiner 

But this election isn’t likely to be won, or lost, on such issues. Hudak and McGuinty (who has also admitted smoking grass as a youth) both know this.

It will, or at least should, ultimately come down to trust.

Are voters happy with the job McGuinty and company have done since 2003? Can they be trusted to do a good job for the next four years?

Or is it time for a change, for new leadership at Queen’s Park, a new way to deal with the challenges facing Ontario?

This falls election should focus on issues that impact Ontarians , Not dogged by nickel and dime politics.

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